Arched, Exterior & Large Doors

1930’s  stained glass front door.

2020mm x 807mm x 44mm.

Straight & true with no rot.

Stained glass has 1 very small hairline crack that is stable.




Victorian  arched church door.

Beaded oak t&g boarded front over a pine frame.

1995mm in total height / 1770mm in height to “shoulder” x 860mm minimum width x 53mm in thickness.

Originally an internal door so there is no rot.

A very solid & straight door in very nice condition.

Suitable as an external door.




A Victorian 6 panel pine front door.

A good solid door with original brass letterbox.

2050mm x 845mm x 42mm.



1930’s stained glass front door with side panels & stained glass over panel.

Door : 2080mm x 855mm x 45mm  – Straight & true with no rot and stained glass has been professionally restored.

Side panels : 2080mm x 357mm x 45mm – Stripped with just one small hairline crack to glazing which is stable.

Over panel : 1805mm x 410mm x 95mm – all glass in good condition with no cracks.




Glazed Victorian external pine door.

1915mm x 835mm x 43mm.

Leaded glazing a little loose in one panel – see bottom image.


ADX005 (GDX017)

2016-01-04 Pitch pine door A-450 2016-01-04 Pitch pine door B-450 Victorian church door in pitch pine ( matches double doors DDX001).

2112mm x 795mm x 44mm.


Very good condition.




A large & heavy external antique ledged oak door with original hinges.

Slopes 1885mm – 1905mm in height  x 865mm in width.

Full 1 inch / 25mm thick vertical planks .


ADX007 ( LDX010)

2016-23-02 Pitch pine arched vestry door A-450 2016-23-02 Pitch pine arched vestry door B-450 Victorian pitch pine arched church vestry door.

1817mm x 665mm x 42mm.

Stripped – a good solid door.

£ 325


A large, heavy & very solid pine Georgian door.

1835mm x 1094mm x 42mm.

Please note losses towards base on front of door. 




A Victorian front door.

2103mm in height x 905mm in  width x 46mm in thickness.

A good solid door in original condition with no rot evident.



A large & heavy studded Victorian  arched church door in pitch pine with original hinges & handle with mortise latch.

Very well made … of superior quality and was an internal door so is in excellent original condition.

2180mm max. height x 928mm in width not inc. hinges x 62mm in thickness.





1930s front door..

2010mm x 812mm x 44mm.

A solid, heavy & straight  door with no rot in very good condition other than some cracks to glass.



An arched  early 19th century exterior door in pine .

2035mm  to apex / 1950mm to shoulder x 930mm x 41mm.

Has a later hardwood addition at base to raise height.

Flaking paint but no rot evident ( more images available).



Victorian church door in pitch pine.

2097mm x 742mm x 42mm in thickness.

A very solid door.



A Victorian arched church door in pine with original hinges & c/w original hinge pins.

1955mm max. height / 1795mm to shoulder x 845mm in width x 48mm.

Suitable for internal or external use.

A very solid straight door with no rot or woodworm.




A Victorian entrance comprising a glazed door & frame with 2 glazed side panels and glazed fanlight over panel.

Door : 2050mm in height x 835mm x 38mm.

Frame : 2115mm in height x 1510mm max width x 95mm depth.

Side panels : 2065mm in height x 290mm x 34mm.

Fanlight : 1495mm in width x 457mm x 42mm.

Some glazing missing but otherwise in good solid original condition with no rot or significant defects.

Originally situated within a large porch so has never had the weather on it.






A large Victorian front door in pine.

2165mm in height x 895mm in width x 42mm.

A good straight,  solid & heavy door with no rot.



A Victorian framed ledged pine door.

1820mm in height x 905mm x 47mm.

Would benefit from 30mm being trimmed from base.



Victorian etched glass front door with etched over panel and original frame.

Overall dimensions – 2355mm x 930mm x 105mm.

Great condition with no rot.

Can be stripped.



A Victorian 4 paneled front door.

1887mm x 904mm x 42mm.

A good solid door in original condition with no rot evident.



2 matching Victorian framed ledged & braced doors in pine.

A) 2090mm x 880mm x 48mm

B) 2086mm x 880mm x 50mm

Very solid doors in great condition with no rot evident.

These would suit internal or external use.

£ 395 each

ADX020 A & B

A 1930s pine front door.

1947mm x 787mm x 45mm.

A good solid door – no rot.